Pilgrim’s Way – Rumania

“Short preview of a “A Pilgrim’s Way”, a documentary  about the Romanian Orthodox church. It begins with lay life in Bucharest and then travels to a monastery, and we end by meeting some of the great Romanian church fathers… “


One thought on “Pilgrim’s Way – Rumania

  1. I dont know about the documentary, but, as a Romanian, I am glad to hear of documentaries related to the religious life and the Christian Orthodox Church of Romania. I must say that we are blessed also with wonderful and graceful monastic womans, like Mother Siluana for example and like Mother Haritina and Iulia, who I happen to know personaly, who are full of mother-like love and totaly devoted to helping others and guiding the youngs and teens back to the Church and Christ. I wont also to say that is should be deeper investigated what one of our greatest Fathers observed: the Romanian language is blessed by having two tipe of words for the same thing. Words nominating a thing from the material, wordly, lay point of vue and nature. And words nominating a thing from the divine, saint, holly, unwordly, super-natural poit of vue and level. The best example is the name of Mother of God. In english she is called Virgin Mary, and all the occidental european international language use a term coming from the latin ,,virgo,,. But for the Romanians such term is too brutal because it talks only about the body and nothing about the soul of the Holly Mother of Lord. Romanian language, as a Romanic language, has the term ,,virgina,, coming from ancient latin ,,virgo,, but we absolutely never use it for Mary. We use instead the word ,,Fecioara,, wich is basicaly translated in english as virgin, but it is intraductible because it means a person with simplicity of the soul, purity of thoughts, chastity of the life and, as a result, virginity of the body. So it means much more than material and wordly, and that is why we use it for her as she gave birth to the divine person of God.

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