Metropolitan Pavlos of Siatista opens fire on Golden Dawn


By Metropolitan Pavlos of Sisanios and Siatistis for

I feel the need to say a couple of words knowing that they will annoy many. The reason for this is all that has happened  around a vile cinematographic work.

Until recent events, objective criticism had decided that this was a work of dubious artistic value, a mediocrity.

The next piece of information we had was that the contributors to this work would seek conflict with the Church, but purely  to promote the work and raise revenue.

Already some known people, always indignant with others and never themselves, asked what the Holy Synod would do about it.

The Synod did indeed consider the matter, they discussed it, they had information about the intentional conflict on the part of the play’s makers and decided to react with caution, without giving them their desired result.

However, there are always those who consider their opinion to be the correct one. Those who believe that every view different from their own is treacherous.

They forget that doing the right thing (good)  has to be done in a good way in order for it to be good.

In the end, the pitiful makers of the work achieved their aim.

It was widely publicised.  The real culprits were presented as victims. It was presented as art, this vulgarity of their inner world.  They were placed under the protection of that famous lobby Tatsopoulos and Repousi  and company [Translator: Left wing members of the Greek parliament known for their ‘progressive’ anti-Church stance] . Thus, the so the so-called defenders of Christ became the best publicists for a vulgar mediocrity.

Presenting something inartistic as art, the insignificant as significant,  making mediocrities seem like grandeur, to purport to be  actors  playing  characters when they are devoid of character and morals but are corrupters of morals and dignity and raised up these insignificant and sad little men to the heights.

Yes, I am angry with these false confessors and false heroes.

However, let’s get these things in order.

You could well ask me, “Weren’t you annoyed by that wretched work?” Of course I was, and very much so.

When you know who the Christ whom you love is, and you believe in Him and serve Him throughout your whole life you cannot help but be annoyed. You are annoyed at the denigration of man, by the incredible perversion of their soul, by their tragic repressions and their impairments.

You feel sorry for their cheapness, which they try to sell as art. However you know that your Christ as nothing at all to do with the contents of this work. That your Christ is NOT in danger from these pitiful little men, silly women and these manikins that insist that they are producing art.

Each person gives what he has and all these show what they have and who they are. They show their measure of quality for themselves and are riduculed.

If the hot-blooded had not publicised them, they would have gone on unnoticed.The only thing that this pitiful showwoman and her gang achieved was to confirm the prophecy of the Elder Symeon about Christ, ““Behold, this one is destined for the fall and rising of manyand for a sign which will be spoken against.” [Luke 2:34] Unfortunately for these, they are set for a fall.

The second thing I expect you to ask is, “But aren’t we meant to defend our faith, our insulted Christ?” Yes, but how?

The method these “militants” was condemned by the Lord Himself.

It is the method Peter used when he went to defend Christ with a sword. The same thing, then, is done by our contemporaries  who are capable of destroying, beating and probably lynching these insulters,  in the name of faith.

How tragic. Yet, how timely. Christ condemns their method. Christ could defend himself on His own, with his legions of Angels. He could throw down fire and burn them up. Do you doubt this? However, this is not His Spirit.

Christ isn’t endangered by these sad little men. He is not endangered by the shamelessness of atheists and the corrupted.

Faith is endangered by unrepentant Christians, by the absence of sanctification and the fragrance of grace amongst those who would be called believers.

It is endangered by the secularisation of the spiritual life of Christians who replaced holiness and martyrdom for faith –  this is real “spiritual resistance” – with the lynching of unbelievers.

Doesn’t all this resemble something from the Inquisition or Islamicism or am I mistaken? We have left the weighty matters of the law and pursue what seems impressive and what is easy.

The response to blasphemy and mockery of faith is to replenish the fall of these wretched mockers with the abundance of our own love and our own holiness.

I want, however, to say a few words about the “professional” defenders of each obscenity made in the name of art.

With such defenders not only is obscenity remade, art wronged, but the spiritual poverty of these so-called progressives is also revealed.

The identification of obscenity with art does not honour those who try to do this. Freedom of speech includes blasphemy, profanity and filth.

Whether we like it or not the tongue always speaks from the abundance of the heart and so these people do not display their non-existent freedom, but their tragic quality and the contents of their hearts and ridicule themselves beyond their titles and their formulas.

No argument acquires substance and truth hidden behind the grandiose title of University Professor at a time when such an election happens through various kinds of guilds. Even more so, when some who are truly able are rejected because they did not belong to the right group, because they were rejected by the ideological Procrustes.

Vulgarity and obscenity is neither art, culture or civilised.

I left “Golden Dawn” which in reality is “black night” till last.

It is tragic that some “Christian militants” identified themselves with Golden Dawn in order to defend Christ.

The Christ that is persecuted by “Golden Dawn”, that is insulted and humiliated by them on a daily basis and does so in the person refugees, of immigrants even of children.

My beloved Christians, you have forgotten Christ’s words “for as you have done to one of these, the least of my brethren, you have done unto me.”

Isn’t a human being made on the image of Christ, whoever they are? Is an immigrant, a refugee not the least brother of Christ?

Is he not our neighbour according to the Parable of the Good Samaritan? According to Golden Dawn’s viewpoint when the Samaritan saw the wounded man he should have thrown him him amongst the refuse, and then he would be “good”.

Each embrace and caress of a Christian, even more so a priest, of the Golden Dawn indicates a horrifying confusion and mess and voiding of the faith.

No-one should play with things that aren’t for playing with [tranlator: alludes to a phrase from St. John Chrysostom]. The word of God has absolute and eternal authority.

The matter of refugees and the problems that a weak political leadership left to arise is one thing and the absolute value of the human person is another.

We cannot invalidate God’s truth in order to solve our problems. On the contrary, these problems arose because we replaced God’s Truth with our arrogance and our frivolity.

Let us attend! Let us stand with fear! [translator: quotes from the Liturgy] The way to unravel this is through the will of Christ and not through the arbitrary acts and human cunning!


Since making these comments the bishop has received obscene phone calls, threats of violence and even death threats from members of Golden Dawn.
His chancellor has answered them all with calmness and politeness, hearing the obscenities and abuse screamed down the phone about the bishop, Fr. Ephrem said “Who am I speaking with?” The caller refused to identify himself, whereupon the chancellor replied, “I’m afraid we’ll have to end this conversation, since by your own admission you are a nonexistent person.” source


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