An Advent Challenge: 30 (40) days of blogging!

30 (40) Days Blogger Badge
Cyberdesert will be participating in the Preacher’s Institutes 40(30) days of blogging until Christmas starting on November 15th. The other bloggers can be found here.

This is a real challenge since the person behind the blog is a full time high school teacher with a very heavy workload, plus many family responsibilities and other church commitments. Ironically, as far removed from the desert ideal as can be. But then again, one of our newest saints, St. Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia, said it was possible to be holy in the busiest central square, Omonoia, in the middle of Athens. So, there is still hope for this overworked schoolteacher in the middle of London, England.

However, this is not a blog about me (I have another one for that),
Cyberdesert likes to explore the side of Church teaching associated with the desert fathers and mothers, the life of prayer and spirituality, and anything else that is interesting along  the way. I also enjoy translating lesser known patristic texts and making them available.

In the next 40 days will have some posts about Advent, some will follow the themes that Fr. John sets, and some will be off the cuff!

Let me know what you think!


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