A Culture of Greed

Counterattack - Fighting the Passions

“If there is no God all things are permissible.” – Dostoyevsky

“You cannot serve God and Mammon” Luke 16:13

The complex social, economic, and political factors that have led to these outbursts of violent looting and arson boil down to a single cause: a culture of greed, the inevitable result of a secular society.

[I started a new blog and was resolved to write regularly. Suddenly, I was rudely interrupted by riot on my doorstep. There have been many commentators on the symptoms and cures of this and will be many more. However, my exploration of the passions, of vices and of virtues is not irrelevant here.]
The looting and arson in Tottenham, Wood Green and Enfield had nothing at all to do with protest or poverty. It had everything to do with a materialistic culture based on sheer greed.  A culture that glorifies money, power and violence.

Other social commentators are waking up…

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