Are you running on empty?

Counterattack - Fighting the Passions

“We do not readily despise the delights of this life if we do not taste with complete satisfaction the sweetness of God.” Diadochus of  Photike

Our passions are often expressions of an underlying spiritual emptiness. We can fill this emptiness with God or with an addiction.

“People’s real need is of God Himself. When these needs of the soul are not met, his  inner world is aggravated, it stays hungry, its great hopes and desires are unfulfilled, man becomes unhappy.” [   Metropolitan Hierotheos’ “Our real interests”  ]

This thought is echoed outside the Church, for example, the 12 step movement is clear that addiction is due to spiritual emptiness. In The Joy of Weight Loss the author Norris Chumley (producer of Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer [DVD]) tells of his own battles with overeating amongst other things he says“Food was my only comfort to help fill the emptiness…

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