The monk, the egg, the devil and a key!


An old Cypriot tale:

The night before the Lent fast had begun a monk in charge of a monastery gave precise and very strict orders to his monks that no one should light a fire for forty days.
However, a young monk was not able to keep fasting, and 20 days into the fast grew very hungry. The head monk sent the young monk to get eggs from the monastery chicken. While the young monk collected the eggs he placed one egg in his pocket. The young monk eagerly ran back to his cell, and started to think of a way to cook the egg in a manner that no smoke would be made, seen, or smelled, and result in him being found out.

The young monk saw a candle and quickly placed the egg on the handle of a large church key using it to hold the egg in place while it cooked.  The monk in charge saw that the door was closed and realized something was wrong as the monks tended to leave their doors open.  He walked to the door and peered in, seeing what was happening the head monk immediately opened the door and yelled “What are you doing?” The young monk quickly replied “It is not me, but rather this is the devil’s trick.”  The Devil then appeared and said “No I did not do this  … as I  even I could never have thought of it. He’s teaching me new things!”


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