These are some of the books I have translated in the past.

[Many were done when I was still a student and were, unfortunately,  in the main unedited by the publishers.]

The best book about Elder Porphyrios, in my opinion, not one that I translated. The best Saint Porphyrios book is called Wounded by Love.  Not only was the original Greek book a well-written and well-edited edition, but Fr. John Raffan’s translation is also faultless. 

Elder PorphyriosESF028_300

A few more translations are in the pipeline
1) The foremost contemporary Greek language work on “Christian Ethics” written by George Mantzarides, Professor Emeritus of Thessaloniki University. To be published 2017

2) A two volume work on “The History of Christian Doctrine” that is the standard text book on this subject and used in the theological schools of both Athens and Thessaloniki. (looking for publisher)

3) A life of Elder Amphilochios Makris of Patmos (in progress) 

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